Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ode to Veggie v. Meat

Oh ain't meat sweet,
I see it walking on its feet.
Well I ask you very tongue-in-cheekily:
ain't meat neat?

Oh that ain't nice,
we'll eat FT OG rice.
Yes I ask you very herbivore-ally:
who wants rice?

Just cast a ribeye
in my direction.
Oh me oh my,
ain't that perfection?

Oh I repeat
that's my favorite cut of meat.
Yes I ask you very omnivore-ally:
ain't meat sweet?

Oh who needs meat?!,
I guess I won't eat things with feet.
I'll ask you about sustainability:
why's the world replete with meat?
Well I will tell you very convincingly:
Don't eat meat!

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