Thursday, September 15, 2005

Judge Roberts Petition

Go to right now!

This will effect the United States for years to come if something isn't done right now to prevent Roberts from becoming the next Chief Justice.

I try to do my best to keep from being a BlaBlahBlah-ist, and it's hard... real hard (mostly because it's fun to rant), but we have to use that ranting as a mechanism for action. Sign the petition to be sent to your Senators and Representatives, or if you're a DC resident like me, send a letter to the editor. Here's what I wrote...
  • The American people have been speaking out against President Bush since before day one of his first term. Granted, it was only half of the voting population, but that number has been growing, particularly after two significant events; Bush has admitted that there were no WMDs in Iraq, and he has admitted "... to the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility." It's not simply liberal bias, Bush has admitted these things, and Republicans are taking notice. People have lost jobs for less and have not caused as many deaths! How can we trust his judgment with anything let alone a Supreme Court nomination? Will Bush admit fault when Judge Roberts makes a decision that negatively affects the American people? He's already done it twice. Is it 'third time's a charm' or 'three strikes, you're out'? Let's not make it to three to find out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Celebrity Death Match (Hurricane Katrina vs Lake Ponchatrain Levee)

Who is responsible for more deaths? The first law suit is underway that will probably be the driving force behind that answer. Every article on the planet that describes what little we know about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the people at St. Rita's nursing home was that they drowned. They weren't trapped in a pile of rubble, squished by a tree, or carried away to Oz (I know, I know, that's a tornado - stick with me folks, it's fucking wind)... they fucking DROWNED! Yet Foti will tell you that the owners were responsible for their deaths. That's a load of horse shit. They made it through the fucking hurricane alive and well, so much so that when the water from the levee started flooding in, half of them up and walked the fuck out, because THEY MADE IT THROUGH THE FUCKING HURRICANE!! Levee 34, Hurricane 0?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush on Race and Katrina

Here's an article from the Washington Post...

  • Speaking to reporters after touring New Orleans yesterday, Bush sought to dispel the view that race played a role in the government's response to the disaster. "When those Coast Guard choppers, many of who were first on the scene, were pulling people off roofs, they didn't check the color of a person's skin," Bush said. "They wanted to save lives."

My response...
The problem IS that the people on the roofs were black, not that the Coasty Guard helicopters were doing their job... fan-fucking-tastic! Now we know that the Coast Guard isn't racist . They wouldn't have been on the roofs at all if all levels of Government had prepared and reacted accordingly. They would have been transported out of New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina made landfall, or they would have been in the Superdome for a day, then evacuated in an orderly fashion before the levees broke because the National Guard arrived on the scene and drove everyone out of there in what became the tragically submerged school busses. And the point was that the reason that those things didn't happen was because of race, you chucklehead!... which as usual, you missed the FUCKING POINT!! Black people were stranded on roofs, stranded in the "safety" of the Superdome, and people are fucking dead! White people didn't need to be rescued from the rooftops because they were white, because they had dinero, and because they had motherfuckin' wheels.

In order to separate me from all of the other BlahBlahBlah-ists out there...

Here's what you can do...
Go sign a petition at for an independent Katrina Commission.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Mike Brown's 52 Card Pick-up

Mike Brown is gone. Hoo-fucking-rah! Mike should have been a member of the deck of cards that the Trade Regulation Organization issued in April 2003, which of course was in response to the childish ass shit some silly little Bushling developed to make the war in Iraq more reminiscent of Bush's Euchre days as College Frat Boy. Had those cards made their appearance during Hurricane Katrina, Brown certainly would have been a prime candidate. Perhaps you could consider him an honorary member.

Well Mikey, I guess while you, Ray, Blanco, Dubya and Chertoff were all gathered 'round the table playing a rousing game of Not-It, you fucking fell asleep. Wouldn't be the first time, now would it? As for the rest of the people listed, for whom you so graciously became their Patsy effectively wiping their slates clean, you can all get the fuck out too! And I'm not saying that a bunch of dumbass Democrats will do any better. I just want people who give a shit and will lead us by doing what's right for the Nation's people and the people of PLANET FUCKING EARTH! ...not people who promote and support self-gratification, corporate whoring, or perpetual politicking in the midst of a crisis.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Citizen Journalism Movement

Holy fucking shit there are a lot of Blogs out there! I wanted a quote I saw on tv the other day and I think I found it on nearly every type of Blog you can imagine, all with a different finger pointing at a different group, giving me a rather unfortunate view of how shit can get all fucking twisted when you apply your own agenda to it. (Actually, I didn't find it in all of these places, but enough came up that made me refocus my thoughts for the night.) Liberal, Republican, Progressive, Conservative, Democratic, Green, Christian Right, Atheist! It's all there... is there a KKK or Black Panther's Blog? Hang on one sec...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Independent Katrina Commission

First, a note from MoveOn, and then my letter to the Washington Post. If it never makes it to the paper, here it is for the world.

MoveOn.Org Letter to the Editor: Independent Katrina Commission

The federal response to Hurricane Katrina is a national scandal that requires an independent investigation like the 9/11 Commission, but Republican leaders are trying to set up an investigation they control. Make sure the media hears the public outcry for an independent investigation by writing a letter to the editor calling for a Katrina Commission modeled after the 9/11 Commission. We've set up an online tool that makes submitting a letter easy. You write your letter, choose where you want it to go, and click to send. An effective letter to the editor is short, just a couple of paragraphs. The goal is to show your local media, your neighbors, and even our elected leaders that people want an independent investigation of what happened, and apparently what continues to happen, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Please write a letter today.

My Washington Post Letter to the Editor
We need an independent commission to respond to the inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina, the prolonged negligence of the levee system and the systematic destruction of the wetlands, the latter two having exacerbated the death toll increasing the number of deaths far beyond that of the hurricane itself. Dead bodies floating down Main St, dead bodies trapped in attics, dead bodies at the Superdome and the Convention Center, dead bodies on the tarmac of the airport triage center, and dead bodies at the Astrodome need to be addressed by someone other than those who could potentially be at fault. Willful neglect, ignorance and failure to react IS fault. Failure to cut your vacation short and delay your shoe shopping IS fault. 9/11 widows banned together to force legislation to form an independent commission, and now the entire nation needs to ban together to ensure that Katrina is properly investigated. America needs to revisit the direction of the flow of accountability. America needs to insist upon an independent Katrina Commission!