Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Celebrity Death Match (Hurricane Katrina vs Lake Ponchatrain Levee)

Who is responsible for more deaths? The first law suit is underway that will probably be the driving force behind that answer. Every article on the planet that describes what little we know about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the people at St. Rita's nursing home was that they drowned. They weren't trapped in a pile of rubble, squished by a tree, or carried away to Oz (I know, I know, that's a tornado - stick with me folks, it's fucking wind)... they fucking DROWNED! Yet Foti will tell you that the owners were responsible for their deaths. That's a load of horse shit. They made it through the fucking hurricane alive and well, so much so that when the water from the levee started flooding in, half of them up and walked the fuck out, because THEY MADE IT THROUGH THE FUCKING HURRICANE!! Levee 34, Hurricane 0?

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