Friday, March 17, 2006

Action Taken at Organic Consumers Association

My wife recently discovered she was allergic to dioxin, quit using tampons, switched to The Keeper and LunaPads, and got healthy! She called her mom to talk about her new discovery of renewed health, and her mom says, "You were allergic to diapers!" Connection... Dioxin. We now have a baby and we use Seventh Generation diapers, and she hasn't had any problems. I subscribed to their newsletter and this month was pretty fascinating with respect to tampons, dioxin and a bill sitting on the floor of the House of Representatives that is getting no action or attention. Despite the surge of green events, news and concerns, women's health is still a farce. Nobody cares! There have been articles posted about alternatives to tampons, chemical use, etc, but there is an actual bill on the floor of the House of Representatives that has seen little or no action since its inception! Perhaps through OCA's network of activists, The Robin Danielson Act (H.R. 3411) can get the necessary attention it deserves. Please visit for more details. Also, check out ~~Thanks, Chris... a concerned guy with a wife and a daughter.