Monday, September 12, 2005

Mike Brown's 52 Card Pick-up

Mike Brown is gone. Hoo-fucking-rah! Mike should have been a member of the deck of cards that the Trade Regulation Organization issued in April 2003, which of course was in response to the childish ass shit some silly little Bushling developed to make the war in Iraq more reminiscent of Bush's Euchre days as College Frat Boy. Had those cards made their appearance during Hurricane Katrina, Brown certainly would have been a prime candidate. Perhaps you could consider him an honorary member.

Well Mikey, I guess while you, Ray, Blanco, Dubya and Chertoff were all gathered 'round the table playing a rousing game of Not-It, you fucking fell asleep. Wouldn't be the first time, now would it? As for the rest of the people listed, for whom you so graciously became their Patsy effectively wiping their slates clean, you can all get the fuck out too! And I'm not saying that a bunch of dumbass Democrats will do any better. I just want people who give a shit and will lead us by doing what's right for the Nation's people and the people of PLANET FUCKING EARTH! ...not people who promote and support self-gratification, corporate whoring, or perpetual politicking in the midst of a crisis.

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Worst Weather Ever said...

i love those cards. i saw a real deck of them in an anarchist bookstore last month. so great.